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Short Project Description

Our road will lead us to Cape Town, South Africa. In the Townships, where the poor still live and where the idea of Apartheid is still visible, this is where we want to focus our attention. Places, where separation still shows its wounds.

With our project 'Ukobona' we want to enable the young people who live there to come into contact with the creative process while at the same time concentrating on what is already there. By using the materials, scrap and junk food on the streets, the natural environment in which they grow up, we hope to help them develop themselves and to find new ways of self expression. By opening ourselves up to these young people and working together with them we hope to create a 'Land Art' transforming day to day objects into something new, so that they can see their surroundings in a different light-- value it differently.

A creative process, that will have a positive influence on the balanced development of the individual. Working together with them to build an environment where their individual talents and resources can unfold, a feeling of belonging, giving them new perspectives for the future.

You can find a detailed project description here.

Project title:


Sphere of activity:

Art therapy work with children and adolescents


Focus on Recycling and the Environment


Khayelitsha, a Township in South Africa and its further surrounding


Zenzeleni Waldorf School and other institutions

Period of time:

First phase: December 2014 to May 2015


Since January 2016 permanently in Cape Town

Supporting Organisation:

Friends of Waldorf Education


Veronika Zwipf


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