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The last weekend was full of interesting, exciting and inspiring contents.

Since the middle of last year - 2016 - we are happy that Ukubona liases as the partnerorganisation in South Afrika for the german organisation friends of waldorf. We are providing guidance for south african volunteers going to Germany for one year of developmantal social service. This is a very exciting role, especially because I came to South Africa the first time in 2008, also as a volunteer. Now there is the opportunity to give back, to provide young people with guidance and help to do the same in Germany. Through this year they will gain a lot of experience which tehy can gather in various institutions, all in the sector of athroposophie. This will help them later to engage back in their own country and to work in the soial sector in their communities.

After months of motivating and questioning it was time for a very solid and concrete preparation. In about two and four weeks the four young people are flying to Germany to start their service. And all still had a lot of questions. So we met for four intense days in Cape Town to discuss and work on all those different topics.

The Apartheid and the South African history, the refugee crisis and the German history; cooking and and eating together - and how are the differences between south african and german eating habits; how does a volunteer service in Soth Africa differs to one in Germany; what means friendship and how important is the contact to the people around us;

Particularly one thing was very touching and intensive. The moment when we worked creativly on personal issues. Clay, drawings and painting helped the four of them to get in touch with: their fears and what can help them in those moments; the subject of my and your space and how we can get closer or where we need our space; can I open up and how, what does it mean to overcome fear, overcome inner borders; teamwork; own strengths and weaknesses; individuality and who am I.


We parted fullfilled and happy, each went back home to get into last preparations!