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Children always should be able to grow up free from care. There are too many places in the world where that is only a dream and not reality. The townships of South Africa are some of these places. Easily doors of crime will be found open on their path into adolescents. Some of them are just hiding small delicts like theft or the like, but often they will find the life of criminal gangs and dirty businesses like armed robbery, drugs, fights with knives, shootings culminating in blood and thunder. We must not turn a blind eye on it. The suction is extremely strong, as they referring such a lifestyle to their rise, success and their future. However young women are often not able to live their own personal life. They have to help or run the household (not always because the mother does not want to but due to various other reasons) and/or they will be victims of physical and mental abuse, rape or the like.

The kids often will find their future hopeless. We can do something about this fact!

Look around yourselves; be aware of how you approach others. Some of us are so fortuned to be capable to see beyond their own horizon, because they have enough. Rich inside or outside, no matter what but be open.

Ukubona wants to start from that scratch. Education is the one thing we all should have access to. Reading, writing, counting. Next to these skills it is also very important to know about your own resources and inner self.

How do I differ from others? Who am I?

I am worthy! I can change things!

To learn and experience these things art can give us a great guidance. Especially in work with nature and recycling – things discarded on the roadside, disparaged sent to Coventry – we can find our inner creativity. But we think: what can we do with it? Nothing…!

Incredible things emerge by taking exactly these materials in our hands and working with them. Suddenly the children and adolescents notice that they can do completely new and wonderful things out of old, forgotten and neglected stuff. Omnipresent objects, considered as useless turning out to be marvellous if we respect and value them. Our creativity is unfolding. They have success and feel proud. They catch a feeling of individuality.

We can look on particular topics in our art of painting. As a result, the children and adolescents will become more familiar with their skills and resources. They experience a space, in which they can think about their future.

The sense of achievement, the experience of making independent decisions is a great impact in their life. It might help them at a certain point. He might develop the inner strength to decide against the gang, against crime and drugs. She might develop such a strong inner self-esteem, that she has the power to stand up and defend herself.

And they will never lose the thought about their origin, the people around them; that’s one big valuable commodity!