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Me, Veronika Zwipf, I am a qualified art therapist (B.A.). After my studies in Ottersberg, a small town close to Bremen, Germany, I went to Cape Town with my friends and colleagues Laura Siegel and Jette Wedekind. From December 2014 to May 2015 we were working with “Ukubona” at the Zenzeleni Waldorf School in Khayelitsha. We have organized an artistic/art therapeutic project with the children and adolescence. Our concern was to consign a local and sustainable impact with Ukubona. The project has been held on a voluntary base; furthermore we were supporting it with our own financial contribution. This pilot phase was successfully and fully-funded. Now I am back in Cape Town, after some months of planning and organizing. Ukubona continues, changes and grows. I am not only working at the Zenzeleni School with the children but also giving workshops to the teachers as well as I will work in other institutions. To cover the remaining expenses I am depending on Your Sponsorship. Please help to bring Ukubona - Seeing with Hand and Heart back to the Zenzeleni Waldorf School, back to Khayelitsha and to Cape Town. Your donation will be directly forwarded to the arranged account of my responsible organization and will be used purposeful for the whole project or, depending on request and specification directly for a particular matter.

Thank you for your support!

Donations are tex deductable in Germany. For all other countries please consult your tax advisor. Donation receipts will be issued by our supporting organisation.

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